Who Are We?

We have been doing this since 1969 as a 4 generation family business. We have lost family members and friends and, believe us, we have suffered too, but we are still here.

We have over 100 sales people now and we need help because we have more work than we can possibly handle. Lombardo Management General Contractors (LMGC) is the name of our family business. LMGC has grown so much that we are reaching out to American Treemen like ourselves.

How We Help

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just wake up in the morning and get the job done without having to worry about finding work, competing with other companies who are half as good undercutting you with half the price?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to make payments on all that equipment? Owning a chipper, dump truck, and stump grinder really seems to add up every month.

Wouldn’t it be nice if dealing with homeowners and their unreasonable expectations was a thing of the past?

has solved everything for you

1. No more selling or advertising.

We've been in the tree industry for over 40 years. And we have built and trained a massive sales force with an opportunity for treemen from the top down that understands every detail of what it means to make a living cutting down and trimming trees. We don't do stupid anymore and we don't make deals that are stupid for treemen because we know it won't work.

No more wasting your money on adspaces that no one looks and and flyers that people throw away.

No more running FREE estimates and wasting your gas because competitors tell lies and customers greedily believe them.

2. Pick any job you want.

Using our proprietary mapping system, you can see an overview of any and all jobs we have available, including all the details about. Everything is spelled out in black and white for you and the customer before you step foot on their property. This means you handle the job how you deem safest, not how the salesman thought it should be done.

You create and manage your own schedule because you are the one who knows how to run your tree crew.

3. Ditch your expenses.

We've taken the pressure off the owner of the company to carry the financial burden of owning and maintaining heavy equipment. Not only that, but it doesn't have to be managed and carried from job to job. You put the wood on the ground and simply move it to where our third party hauler can come get it.

Not only is the time taken to complete the job split in half, but you also no longer have half of your expenses that you would have if you had to dispose of the debris yourself.

4. Get Paid

Once you complete the job, you are free to move on to the next at your leisure. That's the beautiful simplicity of our system.

You be nice to the customer and give them consideration but when you're done, you're DONE. We even handle all the collections and you get paid every FRIDAY in time to take momma dancin'.

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2032 Airport Ct, Marietta, GA, 30060